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“A quick status report: turnover has continued to fall (down 57% in 3 years) since your initiative (and) productivity continues to rise at close to 12% annually – even in this (down) market!  We owe it all to your team’s amazing ability to walk with us every step of the way.  I can’t thank you enough!”

“The (3 day) off-site retreat work you did with our leadership team was top notch. We are more prepared to attack our challenges as a more unified team. I rate your insights and tips on par with my post-graduate work at the USMA (United States Military Academy, West Point) and the (Peter Drucker’s) Leader to Leader Institute.”

Team and Organization-Wide Consultation

For those circumstances that make an on-site experience inconvenient, we offer our variety of virtual support options

to enhance your improvement initiative:

Excellence & You in Uncertain Times

This unique package was designed to go beyond mere webinars and extend to helping bridge the gaps between your team’s current state and your goals for the future.  The standard process is as follows:

1.Initial assessment, to determine the specific customized content/tools your team needs most.

2. Online learning session (#1) to introduce proven strategies and tactical tools for improving

3. The team participates in a live virtual consultation session to clarify any questions from the online content, then work as a remote team (guided by the Small World Alliance expert) on how to implement improvements.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to extend the depth of content and implementation effectiveness.

Currently, the topics available for this venue are:

     ⇒ Leading Virtual Teams:

     ⇒ Understanding Your Customer’s Compass in Hard Circumstances

     ⇒ Leading Change

     ⇒ Acting with Courage

     ⇒ Leading Virtual Teams

     ⇒ Employee Engagement in Challenging Times

     ⇒ (More being developed – to be determined)

“We appreciate the wide variety of tricks (online engagement tools) you used to keep the (virtual) experience engaging and productive. Time zones mean nothing for you! You’ve launched a whole new (virtual) approach to connecting our remote teams together more often. Thank you for bringing your magic!”

“Who knew that a virtual session could be so fun! We’re amazed at the long list of brainstormed ideas you were able to generate for our (regional leadership) team and how quickly you were able to hook them in and keep them moving. We are new members of your fan club!”

Leadership Team Mastermind (up to 12 people)

This is the epitome of virtual in-depth consultation.  Combining the best elements of online learning, remote team meetings

and individual leadership coaching for 3-4 months, you and your leadership team receive the finest consultation

provided personally by founder Mark David Jones.  Here’s an overview of this complete Leadership Team Mastermind package:

Phase One –

Virtual team meeting (2 hours – option to deliver in person) to orient the team with the process, introduce initial assessment and distribute team and individual goals.  Team meetings occur every 2 weeks for the duration of the project (typically 4 or more months, depending on what organizational goals you want to achieve).  Senior executive has individual follow-up meeting after each team session.

Phase Two –

Each member of the leadership team (up to 12 people) receives weekly (30-60 minute) personalized coaching sessions that actively address their individual leadership development customized assessments, personal goals, and their role in the team’s organization improvement initiative.

Phase Three –

The entire process is driven by the identification of the most significant issues that create the gap between your current operation performance and the goal of where you want your performance to be.  Then orchestrating improvement efforts among each member of your leadership team while providing tools to engage their respective teams to coordinate those various efforts, until you experience significant progress towards establishing your competitive edge.

You may be grappling with unexpected difficulties, but you don’t have to go it alone.  Let our previous success in thriving in uncertain times be your new secret weapon.  Contact us today!