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Who We Are: The Alliance

“The Fortune 500 brought them together.

Their results set them apart.”

“If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it! Your team made more sense out of our knot of problems in a week than we had been able to accomplish in a year. Fantastic results! We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

“Our teams really enjoyed how you were able to tie our very diverse cultures (military, inter-insurance exchange, and banking) and create a program that was all USAA. We’ve already collected more “90 Days and Done” ideas than were submitted all of last year! (The Executive Vice President) says this is the best investment we’ve made in our new chapter!”

Small World Alliance, Inc. is a network of former Disney leaders and other former Fortune 500 business experts

chosen for their unique skills, knowledge, and abilities, to directly support your transformation effort

Mark David Jones leads over two-dozen partners who are ready as potential resources for your project.



To liberate you from wasted time and effort by sharing proven “behind-the-scenes” tools and showing your team how to achieve world-class results (yes, it IS possible!)


To deliver powerful real-world results – faster, cheaper, and better than you expect.


“If it doesn’t work in the real world, then we’re wasting our time.”


Real-world organizational transformation expertise based on Leadership Excellence, Employee Engagement, Practical Innovation, Customer Loyalty, and Operational Supremacy. Bridging the gap between where you are and beyond where you want to be.

“Less than a year after implementing the (new hiring process), our turnover within the first 90 days has been cut in half. We’re already seeing a noticeable increase in morale and employee engagement!”

"Your tactical insights have been incredibly valuable to our workforce and the worldwide agencies we serve. We are restructuring our employee engagement operations to align with your guidance."

Our Extended Network

The Small World Alliance team has worked directly with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and represent more than:

¤ 350 years of former Disney operational experience

¤ 270 years of training and development experience

¤ 90 years of healthcare experience

¤ 60 years of public sector experience

¤ 45 undergraduate and graduate level degrees

In addition, the specific Disney operational expertise of our team available for your benefit include:

¤ designed and delivered Disney’s company-wide continuous improvement initiative

¤ provided executive development for Disney’s worldwide park operations

¤ many years of experience as Disney Imagineers

¤ developed the Disney Institute Professional Programs

¤ designed/developed the Disney Orientation program

¤ numerous positions as Traditions instructors (Disney’s famous orientation program)

¤ designed more than 4 dozen different Disney internal training programs

¤ launched Disney’s internal Cast Member learning resource center

¤ recruiters for Disney’s employment center

¤ authors of numerous business books and articles

¤ and former Disney leaders in charge of…

Disney University, Guest Relations/Customer Service, Cast Development, Human Resource Planning, Cast and Guest Measurement initiatives, Equal Opportunity Programs, Corporate Repatriation, Disney Resort Restaurants, College and International Programs (internship/recruitment), Employee Relations, Merchandise, Leadership Development Programs, and Disney Institute Professional Programs.

Imagine the competitive edge you can gain from this team’s “behind-the-scenes” expertise!  Contact us now to get started!

“Every other experience was the same: bring in a consultant who talks a lot, tries to change everything, and accomplishes little. Small World (Alliance) was a real eye-opener. Not only did your team listen, but you were able to take our existing initiative and quickly improve it so our workforce was jazzed again (for) the first time in years!”

“We attribute the jump from 4th in our industry to 2nd since last year’s survey to your (transformation initiative). Your team was a dream to work with. Thank you for delivering on your promise."

Frequently Asked Questions about Small World Alliance, Inc:

Q: Are there types of functions that Small World Alliance does not provide?

A:  Our network of experts has a wide range of skills, knowledge, and abilities that cover most aspects of organizational transformation efforts.  The few roles we typically do not provide: legal, technical, or financial consulting.  We’re happy to make recommendations, depending on the need and circumstance.

Q: In addition to consulting, do you provide training and development as well?

A:  Yes.  As architects of full-scale organizational improvement, we are experienced in providing support for a wide spectrum of services – including workshops and seminars on all transformation-related issues.  We even provide speakers for event keynotes when needed.

Q: Do you work with public sector organizations as well?

A:  Actually, we do quite a bit of work with a wide variety of public sector groups.  While government offices and agencies have unique circumstances and challenges, we have discovered that the best practices of world-class excellence can be nicely adapted to any organization – regardless of culture, industry, or nationality.

Q: How do you assign consultants for my project?

A:  Founder and President Mark David Jones (who stays involved throughout your project) personally conducts the discovery call to determine the “fit” of our firm to your circumstance, then (if continuing the process) will hand-pick the best expert(s) for the unique needs of your project.  Some projects only require one or two people, while others demand over a dozen.  Regardless of the situation, you are always part of these decisions.

Q: What is the most common complaint that you get from clients?

A:  That they wished they had contacted us sooner so they could’ve gotten better results earlier.  That said, the second-best time to contact us is today!

There’s a reason we have the reputation of trusted advisors that have your back.  Your company can benefit from the proven expertise of Small World Alliance in many ways.  Get the practical behind-the-scenes tools to help you thrive!  Contact us now for a FREE phone discussion.