“The way your team guided (the leadership team) to our common ground so quickly was amazing. Now that our efforts are focused and aligned, we’re finally seeing progress on the corporate integration effort.”

“We’ve finished our first round of improvements and (the task force teams) are readying for the next wave of (improvement) sessions. Not only is our associate team on board, but we’re already getting comments from our customers about their higher satisfaction levels.”

You can immerse your entire operation in the secrets of world-class excellence!  Small World Alliance is committed to your long-term success by providing ongoing support in a variety of ways:

Team and Organization-Wide Consultation

Our Commitment: Your Success” – While most other consulting firms focus on implementing their proprietary systems, Small World Alliance is committed to delivering the best solution for you – which means we target only the gap between what you are doing well (likely a fair percentage) and where you want to be (we encourage “dominating your industry”) using proven tools from world-class companies.  We strategically partner with you the entire process, engaging your teams to be involved in the improvement process, generating buy-in and ownership.  Every part of the initiative is woven into your current processes, programs, and strengths – making the initiative yours, not ours.  And, no pressure to sign off on a long-term contract – we encourage you to commit in phases, only contracting each step after we’ve proven our effectiveness and value.

Finally, we don’t just drop away at the end.  Our goal is to see you producing in a healthy and sustainable way (in other words: Not dependent on an outside consulting firm!), so we teach and develop your team as we go through your improvement process. 

Our commitment is your success.

Including a Wide Variety of Services

¤ Assessments

¤ Board Development

¤ Brand & Organizational Alignment

¤ Design & Development (training courses)

¤ Executive Coaching

¤ Intercultural Protocol

¤ Keynotes

¤ Orientation Program Development


¤ Project Management

¤ Coaching & Mentoring Systems

¤ Corporate University Development

¤ Retreat & Meeting Facilitation

¤ Selection, Hiring, and Performance Management/Tools

¤ Strategic Growth Planning & Strategy

¤ Train-the-Trainer

“We can’t thank you enough for your fantastic work with our operations teams. They are already reporting significant wins in making it easier to serve and fulfill their calling. Amazingly, the Disney magic you brought is still evident (6 months later) in the departmental meetings I hold each week!”

“As the Vice-President of Human Resources, I expected another short-term training program that would create a performance blip for about 4 months and drain my budget in the process. I’m thrilled to say that it’s been 2 years and the results keep improving year after year. I was actually able to invest some of this year’s budget to some strategic projects I’ve been waiting on for 8 years!”

Strategic Skills-Based Workshops & Seminars

Small World Alliance is known for true customization of every experience – to specifically align with the multi-faceted objectives of your organization.  And, with the direct involvement of our former Disney leaders, you get a truly magical and memorable experience.  Relevant insights, highly engaging experiences, and pragmatic tools that really make a difference for your bottom line are part of every program we create.  You can have a custom team experience on any combination of topics that meet your needs, whether workshops (2-4 hours) or seminars (1-4 days) or whatever serves your team best.

Proven transformation is based on effectively blending improvements and integration of the following foundations of your operation:

Leadership Excellence

That models visionary passion and integrity while encouraging involvement and accountability of all employees to get measurable results, that includes…

  • Executive Effectiveness
  • Coaching Skills for Supervisors
  • Constructive Communication
  • Employee Engagement
  • International Protocol
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Systems Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Leading Effective Meetings

Engaging Employees

Based on effectively selecting and training right-fit employees while fostering a fully-engaged and motivated organizational culture, including…

  • Talent Management
  • Employee Loyalty
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Diversity as a Competitive Edge
  • High Performance Teams
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Conflict Management


Nurtured at all levels of a creative/collaborative environment with efficient processes for implementing valuable ideas with team building as part of the typical day-to-day operations, to include…

  • Managing Change
  • Creating Change Agents
  • Systemic Operational Innovation
  • Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Customer Service Excellence

Demonstrated by consistent, measurable front-line behaviors within a fully integrated service system that insures a seamless customer experience.

  • World-Class Service Excellence
  • Optimizing Your Customer Experience
  • Delivery Systems of Service
  • Business Protocol
  • Customer Loyalty/Advocacy

Operational Supremacy

That generates superior performance improvement with an ever-improving, value-added process – contributing to more efficient use of resources and more effective sustainable results.