Now is not the time

for trendy management fads.

You need proven strategies and tools

…used by best companies in the world

…from experts who have actually worked with them

…that successfully bridge the gap to your goals.

Prepare to (finally!) thrive even in these tough times!

You’ve found you secret weapon:

Small world alliance!

Bottom line: You need real-world results.  Now. 

Imagine your company achieving outcomes (early wins!) like these examples from Small World Alliance clients:

     – 22% reduction (over $2 million dollars) in operating costs in the first 6 months

     – 37% increased production with and 31% increase in sales (over $1 million dollars) within 1 year

     – 18% increase in employee engagement (45% reduction in absenteeism and 29% decrease in turnover within 1 year)

     – First year results: 16% increase in customer satisfaction ratings, with 10% increase in repeat visits

        and 7% increase in referrals (nearly identical improvement numbers the following two years!)

Improvements like these would be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.  It’s time for your breakthrough!

“The way your team guided (the leadership team) to our common ground so quickly was amazing. Now that our efforts are focused and aligned, we’re finally seeing progress on the integration effort.”

“Your team’s implementation has been practically seamless! We’ve been able to dramatically decrease the staff issues we had before…and we’re already seeing improved patient satisfaction scores …as a result of the improvement team process you introduced. Even our critical care physicians are involved this time…truly a miracle! I haven’t seen this kind of enthusiasm for an initiative in the 20 years I’ve been here.”

You’ve probably heard about our reputation as the “anti-consultants”.  We’re proud of the huge difference between

Small World Alliance and the typical (ineffective) consultant approach…

Small World Alliance is the veteran team of former Disney leaders led by founder Mark David Jones,

which does what no other business consulting firm will do:

     ¤ reveal the strategic “behind-the-scenes” secrets of renowned world-class organizations

     ¤ use proven tools to help you tactically implement for the results you need

     ¤ actually work with you to demonstrate how to sustainably continue your transformation! 

With Small World Alliance, our mission is your success! 

“You managed to bridge the gap perfectly in a way that involved us all in the leader’s retreat. Your pre-work was spot on and thought provoking. The regional executives are now working together better than we have in years.”

“Every (previous) experience (with other firms) was the same: bring in a consultant who talks a lot, tries to change everything, and accomplishes little. Small World (Alliance) was a real eye-opener. Not only did your team listen, but you were able to take our existing initiative and quickly improve it so our workforce was jazzed again (for) the first time in years!”

The Way We Work, Works Better For You

Our approach is grounded in providing proven solutions that, first and foremost, benefit you as our client.  For example:

     ¤ We don’t encourage total “overhauls”.  It’s best to identify what’s working, and design a plan that builds on your current successes – bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  As simple (and less costly/disruptive) as that.

     ¤ We don’t force “canned” or costly proprietary systems.  Everything we do is customized for your unique situation and built for your sustainable success. And you own everything – no licensing fees ever!

     ¤ We don’t just rely on academic theories.  Our experts use legitimate operational strategies implemented by Disney and other legendary companies that we’ve personally worked with.

     ¤ We don’t force long-term contracts.  Our goal is to fix the problem(s) quickly, teaching your team along the way, and leaving you well-prepared to continue your success without us.  (Of course, we’re always available as a resource, but we refuse to create an enabling relationship that is unhealthy for your organization.) 

While every client situation is different, our constant is offering you a free discovery discussion – so we can begin to understand your circumstances and assess our ability to help you attain your goals. No obligation at all. 

“A quick status report: turnover has continued to fall (down 57% in 3 years) since your initiative (and) productivity continues to rise at close to 12% annually – even in this (down) market! Our Sales VP calls you ‘our bonus makers’…and we want you at our senior leadership strategy session for next year.”

“I’m thrilled to say that it’s been 2 years and the results keep improving year after year.  I was actually able to invest some of this year’s budget to some strategic projects I’ve been waiting on for 8 years!”

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