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FAQ—Frequently Asked Questions about Small World Alliance, Inc:

Q: What makes you different/better than other consulting firms?
A: We are the “anti-consultants”. While most consultants seem to guide the project so that it best benefits them, our approach is grounded in proven solutions that, first and foremost, benefit you as our client:

  • We don’t encourage total “overhauls”. We identify what’s working, and design a plan that bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Simple as that.
  • We don’t force “canned” or faddish/trendy systems. Everything we do is customized for your unique situation and built for sustainable success.
  • We don’t just rely on academic theories. Our former Disney leaders use legitimate strategies that have gotten proven results - implemented by Disney and other legendary companies that we’ve personally worked with.
  • We don’t force long-term contracts. Our goal is to fix the problem(s) quickly, teaching your team along the way, and leaving you well-prepared to continue your success without us. Of course, we’re always available as a resource, but we won’t create some artificial enabling relationship that is unhealthy for your organization. Our criteria for success isn’t how much money we make on your project (like typical consultants), it’s how well we help you generate world-class results – knowing that your will become an advocate for us. 

Q: Explain the process of engaging your services
A: While every client situation is different, one typical approach is to begin with a free discovery discussion – so we can begin to understand your circumstances and assess our ability to help you attain your goals. Once we establish a good “fit”, we will provide a written proposal that describes our suggested options for moving forward.

Q: In addition to consulting, do you provide training and development as well?
A: Yes. As architects of full-scale organizational improvement, we are experienced in providing support for a wide spectrum of services – including workshops and seminars on all transformation-related issues. We even provide speakers for event keynotes when needed.

Q: Are there types of functions that Small World Alliance does not provide?
A: Our network of experts has a wide range of skills, knowledge, and abilities that cover most aspects of organizational transformation efforts. The few roles we typically do not provide: legal, technical, or financial consulting. We’re happy to make recommendations, depending on the need and circumstance.

Q: How do you assign consultants for my project?
A: Founder and President Mark David Jones personally conducts the discovery call to determine the “fit” of our firm to your circumstance, then (if continuing the process) will hand-pick the best expert(s) for the unique needs of your project. Some projects only require one or two people, while others demand over a dozen. Regardless of the situation, you are always part of these decisions.

Q: Do you work with public sector organizations as well?
A: Actually, we do quite a bit of work with a wide variety of public sector groups. While government offices and agencies have unique circumstances and challenges, we have discovered that the best practices of world-class excellence can be nicely adapted to any organization – regardless of culture, industry, or nationality.

Q: What is the most common complaint that you get from clients?
A: That they wished they had contacted us sooner and gotten the results sooner. That said, the second best time to contact us is today!