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Our Commitment

You can immerse your entire operation in the secrets of world-class excellence! Small World Alliance is committed to your long-term success by providing ongoing support in the following ways:


By partnering with Small World Alliance, Inc., you will access former Disney leaders who have proven results in helping leading Fortune 500© corporations develop strategies, create tactics, and transform their industry to do the same for your business. We will assess your operations and work hand-in-hand with all levels of your organization to create and implement a truly customized initiative - transforming your employees’ and customers’ experience and giving you the competitive edge in your industry!

Leadership that models passion and integrity while encouraging involvement and accountability of all employees.

Talent Management that effectively selects and trains right-fit employees while fostering a fully-engaged and motivated organizational culture.

Customer Service Excellence demonstrated by consistent, measurable front line behaviors within a fully integrated service system that insures a seamless customer experience.
Innovation at all levels of a creative/collaborative environment with efficient processes for implementing valuable ideas.

Operational Excellence that generates superior performance improvement with an ever-improving, value-added process.

Team Building as part of the typical day-to-day operations.
Customer & Employee Loyalty based on leveraging relationship-building opportunities that exists in everyday operational problem-solving situations.

Other Services

  • Assessments
  • Board Development
  • Brand & Organizational Alignment
  • Coaching & Mentoring Systems
  • Corporate Change/Renewal and Organizational Improvement
  • Corporate University Development
  • Design & Development (training & development courses)
  • Executive Coaching
  • Experiential Activities (incl. nationally certified high/low “ropes” instruction)
  • Focus Groups
  • Integrated Corporate Learning Systems
  • Intercultural Globalization
  • Keynote Speeches (visit Mark David Jones Keynotes)
  • Orientation Program Development
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Project Management
  • Retreat & Meeting Facilitation
  • Selection, Hiring, and Performance Management/Tools
  • Strategic Growth Planning & Strategy Development
  • Train-the-Trainer

Continuing Resource

We can also support deliver on-site training programs at your facility, leveraging the full range of Small World Alliance’s best practices, strategies, principles, and philosophies - all geared toward initiating transformational organization and personal change for you and your team.

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