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Workshops & Seminars

We know every organization is different, so there’s no way our workshops/seminars will be a canned “off-the-shelf” program. Small World Alliance is known for true customization of every presentation – to specifically align with the multi-faceted objectives of your organization. And, with the direct involvement of our former Disney leaders, you get a truly magical and memorable experience. Relevant insights, highly engaging experiences, and pragmatic tools that really make a difference for your bottom line are part of every program we create. The list below represents some examples of issues that can be addressed via any of two venues:

  • Workshops (2-4 hours each)
  • Seminars (1-5 days)

Just identify the information that would help you best (we can help guide you if needed) and we’ll create an experience that will align with your goals, and deliver tools to your team that will get you world-class results. Make the call and we’ll make you the hero!

Case Studies